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A short picture by Alex Beh
Love will make you do irrational acts of kindness.

Written, Produced and Directed by: Alex Beh
Produced by: Jory Cordy
Produced by: Christin Trogan
Exec Produced by: John Michaels, Mike Farah and Jonathan Cheeks.

Nicky Whelan
Alex Beh
PJ Byrne
Efren Ramirez
Heath Freeman
Julie McNiven
Luka Jones

Cinematography by: Morgan Susser
Edited by: Cory Livingston
Effects and Titles by: Protokulture
Color by: Ian Vertovec
Sound Design by: Joel Anderson
Music by: Justin Hori and Mark Scearce
Costume Design by: Chuck D. Willis

Watson Pictures presents, in association with Protokulture
“Full Speed Ahead” by The Rassle

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